We Believe In Ghosts Patch Collection – POLAND

We Believe In Ghosts Patch Collection – POLAND


1 Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego (1. ELT)
Based at 23 Baza Lotnicza Mińsk Mazowiecki, operating MIG-29 variants

The Mk2 variant has a different insignia design and corrected country borders

1.Eskadra Śmigłowców Szturmowych “Inowroclaw”
1st Army Aviation Brigade in Inowrocław, 49th Air Base in Pruszcz Gdański
Operating Mi-24D and Mi-24V attack helicopters

The Mk2 version has the correct spelling of “Inowrocław”

3 Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego ELT
Based at Poznań-Krzesiny (31 BLT), operating the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon
Patch is Glowing In The Dark (GITD)

6 Eskadra Lotnicza
Based at Poznań-Krzesiny, operating the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon
Patch is Glowing In The Dark (GITD)

10 Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego ELT “Dragons”
Based at Łask, operating F-16C-52CF and F-16D-52CF

14 Airlift Squadron
Based at 33rd Air Base in Powidz, operating Lockheed C-130 Hercules and PZL M-28 Skytruck

21. Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego (21. BLT / TAB)
Based at Swidwin, operatin Su-22 Fitters and F-35 in the future.
Swidwin is expected to host the second F-35 squadron after the units at Lask is operational. The base is now being made ready for the arrival of the new jets so that is why all the Swidwin units have moved to Miroslawiec.

41st Tactical Squadron (41.ELT – 41 Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego)
Based at Malbork, operating Mikoyan MiG-29B / MiG-29UB  jet fighters acquired from the German Luftwaffe.
There is also a second version of the patch with the new NATO border

44 Baza Lotnictwa Morskiego 44.BLotM
Based at Darłówo air base, operating PZL M-28 Skytruck
Patch is Glowing In The Dark GITD

49.Baza Lotnicza BLot
Based at Pruszcz Gdañski (EPPR), operating M-24 variants

The second version features a full helicopter lineup and is Glowing In the Dark GITD

Aeronautical Search and Rescue ASAR
Poland committed to establishing aeronautical search and rescue service called ASAR within the Polish region to assure its operation. ASAR service is the only service in Poland for rescue purposes and is designated for the search and rescue of aircraft in distress, provision of help for aircraft crews and passengers and other victims of aeronautical accidents (regardless of the nationality of the aircraft and persons). ASAR service tasks include search of the designated area to locate aircraft and victims of aeronautical accidents, determine their status and commence rescue actions at the location using dedicated forces and measures as well as forces and measures of other systems, mainly from the State Medical Rescue and the National Firefighting and Rescue System and the Maritime Search and Rescue Service. ASAR services consists of: commanding element – CivilMilitary Aeronautical Rescue and Coordination Centre, executive elements – Aeronautical Search and Rescue Teams (LZPR), and supporting elements – alerting points (air traffic services units operating in the framework of alerting service).

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