F/A-18’s leaving Meiringen for the Emmen campaign in July [List & Pictures] [UPDATE]

With the end of week 27, also the end of the Meiringen campaign is here (aka #MeiringenFullHouse ). As Payerne AB – home of fighter Sqn 17 Falcons & 18 Panthers – is closed due to maintenance of the runway, all the F/A-18’s flew their sorties out of Meiringen LSMM, homebase of Sqn 11 “Tigers”. Today 02.07.2020 the first eight F/A-18’s left and landed at Emmen airbase LSME after their missions. All jet’s will operate out of Emmen in July and Payerne in August

More F/A-18’s will follow tomorrow on tuesday 07.07.2020. ***(see below)

In the morning, the first two fighters that didn’t came back were the J-5017 and the D-model J-5238

The afternoon started with the scramble of the QRA fighterjets J-5010 and J-5011, callsign HAMMER.
They rushed into their livemission to intercept the USAF Learjet 84-0087

Thereafter the J-5025, J-5012, J-5007 and J-5236 took off

***UPDATE FRIDAY 03.03.2020: Due to the flooding of Emmen airbase, the additional planes can not be overflown today. It is postponed until tuesday 07.07.2020.
The airbase is closed until monday for props and tuesday for jets, therefore the QRA jets are unable to fly missions.
The crew in Meiringen configured the J-5013 and J-5016 and will be ready for airpolicing missions until monday 06.07.2020 22:00

[Updates will follow on tuesday 07.07.2020]

07.07.2020: In the morning, J-5024 and J-5026 took off to their missions, c/s BLADE and landed also at Emmen AB.
Meiringen AB is now on summer break with no planned jet traffic, although it is the alternate airport until week 30 if anything goes wrong in Emmen.
From week 31 to 34, Meiringen AB is completely closed

J-5017 / J-5238 / J-5010 / J-5011 / J-5025 / J-5012 / J-5007 / J-5236 / J-5024 / J-5026


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